Slots at Ajax Downs Casino

High-tech LED glass walls and other sophisticated electrical engineering set an Ontario gaming facility apart.

Sector: Gaming Facilities
Status: Completed

About the Project

The first gaming facility in Ontario to use the “ticket-in ticket-out” (TITO) system, the OLG Slots at Ajax Casino features more than 200 interactive and reel slot machine. Designed to captivate players, the main entrance of OLG Slots  is illuminated by multi-coloured LED kiosks and dynamically lit waterfall-walls. The LED Cove was integrated to provide a pathway and improve wayfinding and traffic flow from the lobby to the slot area and larger gaming floor.

These decorative components create ambiance for casino visitors, while rigorous electrical engineering components power intricate security and operations systems. These interventions include data and security rooms, CCTV surveillance across the entire facility, an in-floor raceway duct system to bring data and power to the gaming floor, and synchronized twin-generators with automatic transfer switches.

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