Royal Victoria Hospital

Our multiple projects with Barrie’s premiere hospital, including a state-of-the-art cancer care centre.

Sector: Healthcare
Status: Completed

About the Project

As part of the Barrie hospital’s substantial revitalization, Accel Electrical has completed several large-scale projects at the healthcare hub — including a state-of-the-art cardiac centre and an extensive 32-phase renovation of various occupied spaces in the hospital. These renovations powered huge advancements to surgical units, the neonatal floor, diagnostic imaging, mental health, obstetrics and many other critical care units.

We were also very proud to work on the construction team for Rotary Place, a 100,000 square-foot cancer care centre. A brand new building attached to the hospital, Rotary Place is a dynamically engineered space housing cancer treatment rooms, lodgings for patients undergoing treatment, and a family medicine learning centre with interactive classrooms.

Standout electrical components of these spaces include specialized lighting, power and life safety systems, advanced security and access control systems, and technological upgrades to power treatment rooms.

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