York Regional Police Investigative + Support Services

Aurora’s new police centre housing essential forensic, investigative and community services (LEED Silver).

Sector: Institutional
Status: Completed

York Regional Police Investigative + Support Services

About the Project

Built from the ground up, this 330,000 square-foot police facility is designed to meet the growing needs of the York Region community. It features various investigative, administrative and community facilities, including a biohazard lab and a 20,000 square-foot garage for tactual, traffic, and forensic identification vehicles.

Standout electrical components include an uninterrupted power supply system, a backup system for emergency lighting, a complex multi-phase security system, secure fuel storage and a multi-generator system. Architectural and high impact lighting create a strong design element in the public spaces of the facility. Sustainable architecture and construction earned the project LEED Silver certification.

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